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Kings County's Asian Experiences

From Hanford’s iconic China Alley to some of the area’s most beloved businesses and enduring agricultural families, Kings County’s Asian communities have left an indelible mark. This two part celebration of local Asian history and culture shines a light on their stories.


Part I, which began in March, folds the experiences of early Asian immigrants to California in historical context and describes what they found and how they were treated when they arrived here.


Displays highlight various aspects of their lives from 1875 to 1946 and include scenes depicting the herbal shop of Dr. L.T. Sue, the Taoist Temple in China Alley and the barracks of internment camps where local Japanese were held during World War II. The role of schools, businesses and houses of worship in binding these communities is also explored.


Part 2, which begins in September, will feature displays on festivals, such as the Moon Festival, Hanamaturi and Obon, rebuilding the Japanese community after World War II, efforts including

establishment of the VFW Nisei-Liberty Post 5869, preservation of China Alley and restoration of cemeteries, local businesses and influential individuals such as Richard Wing, Bessie Loo and historian Camille Wing.

Curators: Steve Bannister, Gail Holiman (Kishue), & Arianne Wing

Sponsors: China Alley Preservation Society & The Hanford Buddhist Church

The Collective Memories of Hanford's China Alley
from the National Trust for Historic Preservation

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